So says Sivananda
  1. Love sees one-ness. Love sees no evil. Love knows no envy. Love is God. Love is truth.
  2. Prayer is the wing to fly to God. Meditation is the eye to see God.
  3. Self Control, Self-denial, Self-purification are necessary for Self-realisation.
  4. You have in you the possibility of rising to the status of Divinity. Self-control, Self-sacrifice, Self-knowledge, lead life to sovereign power.
  5. Let your life be an oblation to God. Let your life be a great example and an inspiration to mankind.
  6. Sadhana burns the veil of ignorance. Then the self reveals itself in all its glory.
  7. The best preacher is the heart; the best teacher is time; the best book is the world; the best friend is God.
  8. A simple life, aspiration, dispassion, cultivation of divine virtues, practice of truth.
  9. The purpose of life is the realisation of the essential divinity in man. The Science of Yoga points out the way.
  10. Yoga is primarily a proven of self-culture. Practice of yoga bestows a rich and full life.
  11. Mere scholarship will not help you to attain the goal. Meditate. Realise. Be free.
  12. Health is Wealth. Health is the very foundation of your life. Develop good physique.
  13. Self-control, Self-denial, Self-purification are necessary for Self-realisation.
  14. Divine life is God-life on this earth. Divine life is life in tune with the infinite. It will transform you into Divinity.
  15. Religion does not consist in mere repetition of the Sanskrit verses. Religion does not consist in carrying a Karmandalu and a staff and having matted locks. Religion does not consist in mere wearing of rosaries.
  16. Satsang is thy life-boat. Discrimination is thy compass. Dispassion is thy anchor.
  17. Real religion is one. It is the religion of heart or the religion of Vedanta. It is life-everlasting in the Eternal.
  18. Regular Meditation makes the mind calm and steady and open the avenues of intuitional knowledge.
  19. The salt of life is Selfless service. The bread of life is universal love. The water of life is purity.
  20. The sweetness of life is devotion. The fragrance of life is generosity. The pivot of life is meditation. The goal of life is self-realisation.
  21. Eat less, masticate more. Clothe less, bathe more. Sit less, serve more. Hate less, love more. Take less, give more. Talk less, think more. Preach less, practice more.
  22. Virtue abides where there is truth. Vice abides where there is greed and Lord abides where there is devotion.
  23. Constant study of Upanishad will elevate your mind and help you to reach the first stage of Gyana.
  24. Control the body first. Then purify your thoughts through Prayer, Japa, Kirtan, Vichara and Meditation.
  25. Serve and love. Give and relinquish. Tolerate and endure.
  26. Restrain and subdue. Forget and forgive. Adjust and adapt. Persevere and plod.
  27. Aspire and purify. Reflect and enquire. Discriminate and concentrate. Meditate and realise.
  28. Enjoy the peace of Solitude. Realise the bliss of the Soul. Meditate in Silence. Enter the Stupendous Silence.
  29. To be child like is good; but to be childish is not good. To be Simple Tap is good; but to spoil to health by mortification is not good.
  30. To be devotional is good; but to be emotional is not good. To have vairagya is good; but to expose the body to cold wind is not good.
  31. Love is the law of life. Oneness is the truth of life. Service is the essence of life. The essential Divinity of man is the greatest fact of life.