Spiritual Culture

• Go to bed early. Get up at four O’clock. Answer call of nature, clean your mouth and take a bath. The modern man can adopt early rising according to his environment and circumstances, but be regular and punctual.

• Recite some prayers and Kirtan Dhwanis. Practise Pranayama, Japa and Meditation from five to six O’clock. Sit on Padma, Siddha, or Suka Asana throughout, without movement. By gradual practice.

• Perform your daily Sandhya, Gayatri Japa, Nityakarma and Worship, if any.

• Write your favourite Mantra or Name of God in a notebook for 10 to 30 minutes, daily.

• Sing the Names of God (Kirtan), prayers, Stotras and Bhajans for half to on e hour at night with family and friends.

• Make annual resolves on the above lines. Regularity, tenacity and fixity are essential. Record your Sadhana in a spiritual diary daily. Review it every month and correct your failures.