Heart Culture

• Doing good to others is the highest religion. Do some selfless service for a few hours every week, without egoism or expectation of reward. Do your worldly duties in the same spirit. Work is worship. Dedicate it to God.

• Give 2 to 10 per cent of your income in charity every month. Share what you have with others. Let the world be your family. Remove selfishness.

• Be humble and prostrate yourself to all beings mentally. Feel the Divine Presence everywhere. Give up vanity, pride and hypocrisy.

• Have unwavering faith in God, the Gita and your Guru. Make a total self-surrender to God and pray: “Thy will be done; I want nothing.” Submit to the Divine Will in all events and happenings with equanimity.

• See God in all beings and love them as your Self. Do not hate anyone.

• Remember God at all times or at least, on rising from bed, during a pause in work and before going to bed. Keep a Maala in your pocket.